Wake Up and Work at Kreuz Market

bbq memorial day
News 3 reporter Courtney Burris and Kreuz Bryan pitmaster Lee Jasper. Watch the videos.

Reporter Courtney Burris from KTBX News 3 in Byran-College Station stopped by our Bryan restuarant on Memorial Day for the her “Wake Up and Work” segements.

You can watch the videos here.

Burris features businesses for News 3’s morning news show. She interviewed Kreuz pitmaster Lee Jasper in a series of live morning show interviews.

Lee walked viewers through his early morning routine. He gets to work at 5 AM and checks the pits, the fires, and the meat (the pit fires never go out).

Kreuz BBQ Byran pitmaster Lee Jasper
Kreuz BBQ Byran pitmaster Lee Jasper

When it comes to smoking BBQ, it’s all about the timing. Lee has to keep a variety of meat cooking at all times in order to deliver to diners throughout the day.

The Bryan restaurant is located at 768 N Earl Rudder Freeway.